When you think of hotels and accommodation, you always have standard buildings with rooms in mind. But this time we’re taking you beyond these standards and offering hotels from around the world that offer unique holidays and accommodations. Built in a very different structure than the hotels you think, these hotels are among the preferences of holiday makers who do not like the classic. You must have seen some of these hotels online, but when you see our list, we are sure that your sense of accommodation in one of these hotels will be awakened.


1-The De Vrouwe Van Stavoren Hotel,Netherlands

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren feature, which has a spectacular view of Staroven’s old harbor; the purchase of 4 scrapped giant wine barrels and the addition of them to the hotel building. These 4 barrels added to the ground floor are being used as accommodations that we can’t call very luxurious.


2-The Liberty, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston, UsA

This interesting hotel has hosted Boston’s notorious criminals for 125 years. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Today, the hotel seems to be very luxurious and designy, throwing over the gloomy spirit of the old prison.


3-Jamala Wildlife Lodge,Australia

Take a bubble bath under the look of bears at the interesting hotels Jamala Wildlife Lodge or observe interesting species and sharks in huge aquariums from your bed.


4-Sala Silvermine,Sweden

How about a suite deep in the earth’s crust? Used as a silver mine from the early 1400s to 1962, Sala Silvermine offers accommodation in the deepest hotel room in the world with a depth of 155 meters.This mine hotel may be the choice of those looking for a different experience in accommodation, even though it has a spooky atmosphere.This mine hotel has only 2 degrees temperature sourcing all year round. But don’t worry, the suite room is heated to 18 degrees and an extra pair of blankets is served with it. In this room where even mobile phones don’t work, everything is considered for your comfort and comfort.


5-Hotel Praktik Bakery, Barcelona, Spain

Who can say no to the smell of fresh  and hot bread from the oven? Just like at home…


6-Poseidon Undersea Resort,Fiji,Japan

Located near Japan’s Fiji Island, this impressive hotel is about 27.4 metres deep in the sea. The rooms have a view that cannot be compared to anywhere. And the things that make up this view are: Coral reefs with wonderful colors and a wide variety of marine creatures. Rush to stay and register at this property where registrations are taken over the internet.


7-Jumbo Hostel,Sweden

It is the world’s first air-flight hotel and is also a hostel. Stockholm’s Boeing 747 jumbo jet has been rescued at the last minute from being taken to a junkyard and turned into a 25-seat errand at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. Each room with an area of approximately 6 square meters even has a TV, and the hotel’s favorite room, of course, is the cockpit room.


8-Hôtel des Galeries, Belgium

Sleep in a historic monument and enjoy the cinemas and shops of The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert in Brussels.


9-Free Spirit Spheres,Canada

This hotel is beautiful enough to make nature lovers fall in love with you. Offering a unique experience in the lap of nature, this hotel offers its guests the opportunity to stay in lush nature and tree houses.


10-The Corona Save the Beach Hotel,Spain

There are several hotels in the world called Save The Beach born with a similar reaction. All save The Beach Hotels have walls built with rubble and rubbish left by tourists and tidal currents along the European coast. Rose Qiqueras, one of the project’s directors, said she started the project to show the situation that contradicts the pictures drawn by tourism.


11-Kex hostel, Iceland

If you like homemade cookies, you’ll love this hostel. Kex means Icelandic biscuits, by the way.


12-La Scuola Guesthouse, Italy

Did you miss the school desks? Rooms in this hotel will teleport you back to your primary school with their extremely “vintage” decorations.


13-Qasr Al Sarab Hotel, United Arab Emirates

If you make your way to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and look for a different holiday or accommodation, the destination is desert. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong, desert. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort offers exceptional accommodation in the Desert of Abu Dhabi. The tourists’ interpretation for the hotel is that it is a reminiscent of an oasis in the desert.


14-Hotel Martin’s Patershof, Belgium

The light and arched columns that smash through the tinted windows are some of the things this interesting hotel has to offer. The church is almost 800 years old!


15-Hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas, Mexico

Interesting hotels include the 17th-century town of Zacatecas, a unesco world heritage site. You are guaranteed to spend an authentic night in this arena, a product of colonial architecture of the 20th century.


16-Hotel Malmaison Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hotel Malmaison takes its place in the headquarters of the Scottish Greek Orthodox Church.


17-Capsule Hotel,Netherlands

The Netherlands, as you know, is a land of canals. There is also an alternative Capsule Hotel to the houses and hotels on these canals. You can stay above the water at this Hotel in the Dutch town of Hague.


18-Hotel Tivoli Évora Ecoresort, Portugal

If you want to stay in an ecologically friendly hotel in interesting hotels, the Ecorkhotel is right in the middle of nature. Moreover, solar and geothermal energy are used on site.


19-Hotel Palacio De Sal, Bolivia

Eating at a salt table, sitting in salt chairs, sleeping under a salt roof, going for a walk in a salt desert. Of course the bed is made of salt!


20-Urso Hotel & Spa, Spain

Hotel Urso deserves to be an old neo-classical palace and offers a combination of luxury and comfort. Who can say no to a royal night?


21-Icehotel, Sweden

Tons of ice and snow are used for the Ice Hotel, which is rebuilt every year in autumn.


22-Les Roulottes de la Brauderie, France

Located in the heart of the Anjou countryside in France, these huts promise you much more than it looks.


23-Gamirasu Cave,Turkey

Gamirasu Cave, one of Cappadocia’s most beautiful hotels, is one of the most beautiful hotels in Cappadocia. It stands out with its rooms consisting of 35 caves around a 19th-century Byzantine monastery.


24-Hotel Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

Modeled after the Eskimos’ igloo huts, Hotel Kakslauttanen offers a great opportunity to watch the northern lights. In these rooms which you can watch the sky to the full; there are also facilities such as kitchen, sauna. Why not watch the Northern Lights while you’re on the bed? Right?


25-Magic Mountain Hotel,Chile

Rooms in this extraordinary hotel in Chile are located on an artificial mountain and have waterfalls like a volcano. You also have to cross a wooden bridge to get here. In the forest, he can see hot water therapy in giant logs. It may be a good choice for adventurers.


26-Tubohotel, Mexico

You can’t say sewer pipes. It’s got a pool, and the beds look pretty comfortable.


27- Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa holds the record for the tallest building in the world. Let’s put it this way: Twice the length of the Empire State Building… This monumental building houses 9 hotels, 30,000 houses, office buildings and an observatory.


28- Four Seasons Bora Bora, French Polynesia

The island where this hotel is located belongs to the hotel and this is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations… A crystal-bright sea, a wonderful beach and a glass of champagne…


29-Hotel Lindenwirt, Germany

Germany’s Rhine valley is famous for its unique wines. This area would be fit tying a hotel, each built from 6,000 litres of wine barrels,


30-Utter Inn,Sweden

On a floating platform in the middle of Lake Malaren, the hotel is the choice of those who want an interesting holiday. The hotel, which explores the undersea with a bedroom resembling an aquarium on the lower floor, can be reached by boat or canoe.


31-Movenpick Hotel Hamburg, Germany

The 19th-century hotel was transformed into a luxury hotel. Enter this 19th-century water tower and sip a cocktail where the old water reserves are located. This interesting experience is presented by Mövenpick Hamburg.


32-Hotel De Glace,Canada

Welcoming guests in Canada, this ice hotel promises guests a unique experience. Even when looking at photos, cold ice hotels and ice rooms await anyone in search of a different holiday and accommodation. If you are going to Canada and staying at this hotel, don’t forget to sleep on ice beds!



With up to 20 rooms in the authentic and carefully preserved village, consisting of about 20 typical village houses, Le Sextantio offers you a comfortable Medieval atmosphere.


34-Canopée Lit, Canada

Have you ever dreamed of a cabin that’s just for you in the woods? Canopée turns your dreams into a comfortable night.


35-Dog Bark Inn,Idaho,U.S.

Who says you can’t sleep in a beagle? Designed in the shape of a dog and can accommodate up to four people, this hotel even has a balcony. And this dog has a name: Sweet Willy!


36-Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Sweden

No showers or electricity. Kolarbyn Ecolodge invites you to make a Tarzan-style digital detox.


37-Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam,Netherlands

This four-star hotel in the Netherlands is inspired by the traditional houses of the Zaan region. The interior of the hotel is also decorated as historicly as the outside. You can choose this hotel when you go to the Netherlands to feel like you are in a completely different world


38-Treehotel, Sweden

Sleeping in trees ,why not? The cabins are not only simple tree houses, they’re specially designed living spaces.


39-Loisaba Wilderness,Kenya

If you are an outdoor fan, this hotel is exactly designed for you. You can feel the African wind in Kenya at any time; You will not be separated from the adventure in this hotel where you can get close to zebras, lions and elephants. As a terrible idea as it may seem, traditional warriors are ready to protect you from all unusual situations.


40-Hüttenpalast, Germany

You can have a great camping experience without encountering the cruel face of nature.


41- The Marmara Antalya,Turkey

The Marmara Antalya, the world’s only hotel with 360-degree swivel, is home to stunning views of nature with the deep blue sea. The hotel is situated on the famous cliffs, with its extraordinary design and promises a holiday with the natural beach that will take you away from the city, the different concept of “lobby” offered by Tuti Restaurant and outdoor activities that you will not understand how the time passes


42-L’Appartement, Canada

An evening at the museum, what does it tell you? This hotel offers you the opportunity to stay in an art gallery in real time.


43-Hobbit Motel,New Zealand

One of the things that all Lord of the Rings fans are most curious about is living in a hobbit’s house. This dream is now coming true in this hotel in New Zealand.


44-Entre Cielos, Argentina

Located in the Mendoza countryside, this limited number of suites will make wine lovers happy.


45-Costa Verde,Costa Rica

The Boeing 727 body, dating back to 1965, which is stuck in tropical rainforests, is now being used as a hotel. Set in the forest, this unique hotel also offers ocean views.


46-Ovolo Southside, Hong Kong

Didn’t the church, the Greek temple, the prison or the school surprise you? Ovolo Southside offers industrial design, spacious spaces and great views as a hotel that breaks down from the warehouse.


47-Book and Bed Tokyo

Have you ever dreamed of being a book? This is partly possible at the Book and Bed Hotel in Tokyo. The bed here is on a bookshelf cradled (with English and Japanese works) for your pre-sleep book reading needs.


48-Knight’s Glamping

Knight’s Glamping, which can be summarized as a journey into the Middle Ages, promises a realistic experience that abandons modern facilities for the sake of banquets and tent accommodations cooked in the pits of fire.


49-Conestoga Ranch

If you find your cowboy life attractive, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make dream come true at Conestoga Ranch in Utah.


50-Pioneertown Motel

Pioneertown in California was founded in 1946 by Hollywood actors such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, as well as a few enthusiastic investors accompanying them. Their dream was to create a movie space that looks exactly like a Wild West town, and at the same time offer a place where the stars of Western films could be accommodated. It turned out to be an amazing town! For those looking for more than just a classic hotel room, these hotels promise to take you out of the habit for a short time.


51-Neemrana Fort Palace, Alwar,India

Neemrana Fort Palace, one of the most beautiful legacies from the 15th century to the present day, makes you forget the concepts of “pollution and disease” that come to mind when they say India.


52-V8 Hotel, Böblingen, Germany

V8 Hotel, Böblingen-Germany TripAdvisor 4.5 out of 5 V8 Hotel is a special hotel for car enthusiasts. The hotel has rooms, each inspired by the automobile and motor industry and decorated in a different style, and include slottours of major car museums such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.


53-Verena, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Verana, a luxury spa center set on 5 acres of land in Puerto Vallarta-Mexico, is one of the most interesting hotels in the world with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


54-Livingstone Lodge, England

Located in the heart of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in the UK, Livingstone Lodge offers a VIP experience and safari.



Built by the river, right in the forest, Juvet is the product of a luxurious but minimalist approach with camecan rooms offering panoramic views.



To make a chalet interesting, Husky-Lodge added the cabins of siberian wolves to the luxuriously designed wooden huts.


57-Hayema Heerd, Oldehove-Netherlands

Another concept that contradicts the relationship between place and time is presented in Groningen, The Netherlands. The hotel serves the “haystack fantasy” with its straw beds.


58- Hotel Moulin de Roc , France

In the Dordogne, you will find an old mill on a peaceful riverbank, converted into an incredibly charming hotel. Here you will have the opportunity to sit outdoors and sample the delicious cuisine of the famous Michelin Restaurant.


59-Hippo Point,Naivasha-Kenya

Hippo Point, built in 1993, is another alternative where safari is experienced with VIP privileges. While staying in this luxurious hotel, situated in the wilderness  you may encounter 1,100 animal species.


60-Featherbed Railroad,California-USA

Located in Lake County, north of California, famous for its hot springs and wine, the Featherbed Railroad hotel consists of 9 antique carriages, each decorated with a different theme.


61-Hotel Viking,Iceland

The 42-room Hotel Viking, which revives the Viking spirit,  also hosts the Viking Festival in June. If you’re interested in Vikings, 14 traditional Viking huts are among the hotel’s attractions.


62-Mira Mira Accomodation,Victoria,Australia

Mira Mira, 120 km from Melbourn, welcomes guests to three fantasy shelters: the “Cave” and “Zen” themed bunkers are accompanied by another bunker called Tanglewood, inspired by the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. These luxurious rooms, where nature and art intertwine, are candidates to become the coolest “bunkers” in the world.


63-Hotel Pilate-Kulm,Luzern,Switzerland

Located in Luzern, Switzerland, Hotel Pilate-Kulm manages to enter our list of “interesting hotels”, from the top of the mountain where it is located. The hotel was renovated in 2010 and access to the hotel can be accessed by a cable car or the steepest railway in the world.


64-Villa Cheminée, Cordemais,France

Welcoming guests 15 m above the ground, Villa Cheminée is a work by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi.


65-The Egyptian House,Cornwall,Uk

Built in 1985 by architect John Foulston, The Egyptian House blows Egyptian winds in Britain with its flamboyant façade and ornate columns.


66-Harry Potter,England

A london hotel in the Capital of England offers Harry Potter fans the atmosphere in the movies.


67- Kadir’s Tree Houses, Antalya, Turkey

Kadir’s Tree Houses, popular in the international backpacking community, was named the best Hostel on earth at TNT in 2000. In 2010, he was ranked among the top 10 most interesting places in the world in the Washington Post. In 2011, it was ranked first among the 10 ‘cool’ Hostels in the world by the Los Angeles Times.


68- Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cusco, Peru

This hotel, which will give a very difficult time for those who are afraid of heights, has positioned its rooms over the mountains. You may feel like you’re going to fall in your room at any moment. Rooms with mountain views are made of glass and captivate their guests with breathtaking views at any time of the day.


69- Taj Lake Palace, India

The moment you leave your room at The Taj Lake Palace, you are greeted by a unique sea view. Because you get the chance to vacation in the sea in this luxury hotel. Located in the middle of the sea, access to this structure takes place not by small walks, but by the hotel’s boats.  Taj Lake Palace, where you are one step closer to the city and hear the sound of waves at every step, opens the door to a unique experience.


70- Attrap Reves, Allauch, France

The balloon rooms placed in nature are completely transparent and carry all the beauty of nature to your room. The Attrap Reves rooms, where you can sleep under the stars, have a completely different design. After a small entrance tunnel, you can see the first light of the morning with balloon-shaped jar rooms and fall asleep at night watching the stars dance.


71- Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

This hotel caters to all tastes with its 27 unusual accommodation alternatives. This hotel, where each room opens up to a different world, even has the option of staying in a coffin. The optional color rooms include flying beds, a room in mirrors or a choice of sleeping in the forest.


72- Crane Hotel, Harlingen, Netherlands

You have the chance to say goodbye to the view you see lying at night at crane hotel, which is the address of those who want to stay in a building 150 meters above the ground and capable of swiveling 360 degrees, and say hello to a new view when you wake up in the morning!


73- Desert Lotus Hotel, Mongolia

Plants designed in the form of flowers in the Xiangshawan desert in Inner Mongolia, 550 kilometres from Beijing, the capital of China, do not search for tales of a thousand and one nights.Desert Lotus Hotel offers guests a wide number of activities, from sand safaris to camel dancing.


74- Bird’s nest, Sweden

Designed by Swedish architect Bertil Harström, the luxury house can accommodate up to four guests at the same time. Harström, which designs luxury residences in northern Sweden, has created a staircase in the Lule River valley, which can also be used and can be collected and seen as little change in its natural appearance as possible.


75- Unmanned castle, Britain

It is an old 19th-century castle located about a mile off the isle of Wight in southern England. The 19th century sea castle today serves as one of the most bizarre accommodations in the world. Built to pre-empt a possible French attack at the time, the 7-acre castle is now used as a hotel where visitors can enjoy kite surfing, jet skiing and canoeing. The hotel can accommodate 200 people at the same time and a two-night stay is approximately $535 per person. Including the fee, transfers, meals, welcome drinks and all activities. Not bad at all…


76- Rock camp, Wales

If you’re someone who cares about security on vacation, forget about it now. But if you think adrenaline is my way of life, book it now. Staying in the cliff hotel run by Gaia Adventures on portable beds fixed to a steep rocky surface and located 65 metres above the ground can be the adventure of your life. All you have to do is stay calm; At least try to be.


77- Tree tents, Germany

Just contact Hochseilgarten Hoellschlucht to stay in these tree tents in Bavaria, which is completely floating in the air. The company also has different accommodation options, such as handmade igloos or cliff surfaces.


78- Aqua Dome, Austria

Aqua Dome is a spa, sauna and thermal resort in the Austrian Alps. Hotel guests can also take advantage of the ski resorts next door.


79- Shantytown hotel, Emoya Region, South Africa

The hotel has 52 rooms and is preferred by the rich. Organized in the concept of a poor lifestyle, the hotel pays to live a poor life. However, whatever happens, things like the internet, electricity and hot water in the hotel are overshadowing this lifestyle.


80- Mirror Cube Hotel, Sweden

While Swedish scientists were working, entrepreneurs did not stand idly by; He’s found a way to lose the black hole of the world! They’ve camouflaged behind mirrors in dense forests and found a solution to be a part of nature. In the middle of the forest, in the trees, the inhabitants of these invisible cubes, located high above the ground; As soon as they walk through the door, he can experience the joy of being naked in this vast nature and being destroyed in one step.


81- Hotel CasAnus, Antwerp, Belgium

This hotel, which has a design likened to a large intestine, should not be a customer…


82- Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

In Yerl language “Huvafen Fushi” means “dream island”. This beautiful and private island is just a 30-minute speed boat ride from International Airport.  A unique resort with large bungalows and the world’s first underwater spa…


83- The Caves Resort, Jamaica

Built with limestone cliffs along the Jamaican coastline, this unique hotel brings you closer to the Atlantic Ocean the closer you are. Fossilized remains of ancient marine life can also be seen on the walls of the hotel.


84- Ashford Castle Hotel, Ireland

With its 800-year history and surrounding walls, this historic hotel offers you the opportunity to live like a true king for a short time.


85- Treehouse Point Hotel, Seattle

This charming hotel was built by a man who fulfilled his childhood dream of living among the trees. Visitors stay in one of six tree houses built on top of trees in the Washington forest. It can be wonderful to wake up every morning with daylight and bird calls seeping through the trees.


86- Jade Mountain, St Lucia

This hotel is built on a cliff overlooking the colourful mountains of the Caribbean ocean. Bedroom view 600 acres of beach and vast sea… It’s definitely a stunning sight!


87- Viceroy Hotel,bali,Indonesia

The Viceroy Hotel, called “Valley of the Kings”, consists of 25 private pool villas. It’s usually a helicopter ride here. It may be a bit of an expensive holiday, but the landscapes you’ll never see in your life will be at your feet!


88- Aescher, Switzerland

To reach this hotel, you must take a long walk or use the cable car. The facilities are not very luxurious, but they are a bearable journey for delicious food and a unique view.


89- Aurora Express, Alaska, U.S.

This refurbished train may be the first hotel in the world to move. In 1994, Mike and Sue Wilson paid two cars for $2 to carry themselves. Now the train has eight cars serving between Fairbanks and Tanana Valley.


90- AquaDom Aquarium,Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Radisson Blu Hotel features the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, visible from any room. There are 80 different tropical fish species in this aquarium. It’s 80 meters long and a million liters of volume, and it fascinates the viewer.


91- Hotel Parador de Ronda, Spain

The Parador overlooks the Tagus pass, the ancient bridge still used today. Some rooms are on the steep cliff and have a scary view.


92- Au Vieux Panier Hotel,France

Located in Marseille, the hotel has been transformed into a completely different face after a long work by graffiti artist Tilt. These rooms are called panic rooms.


93- Floating Hotel,Peru

Designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, the hotel offers customers a pleasant stroll along the Amazon River. Hotel idylls can enjoy views of the Amazon river from their bedrooms.


94- 98Acre Teafield Hotel , Sri Lanka

You can see the entire valley in this charming hotel built in the mountains of Sri Lanka.


95- Kempinski Hotel, Egypt

In The Gulf of Soma on the east coast of the Red Sea, the hotel has been in service since 1897 and offers unlimited entertainment in the beach and diving centre thanks to the amazing atmosphere of Egypt


96- Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This triple-skyscraper hotel has an infinity pool on its roof. It is also the only place to offer the most spectacular views of Singapore’s skyline.


97-Hotel Montaña Mágica Lodge


98-Holiday home Ufogel


99-Le Voyage Extraordinaire


100-Norrqvarn Hotell,Sweden

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