What is the location of acupuncture in infertility and IVF treatment?

The recent study by Dr.Raymond Chang,who has been investigating the effect of integrative medicine on serious diseases such as fertility, infertility, even cancer and hepatitis, shows that it has a positive effect on fertility of acupuncture, Even it increases fertility. According to the study on women who want to have children, acupuncture therapy has a positive effect on fertility, with the treatment of acupuncture, only ovulation and the period of menstruation of women are not more orderly, but also the blood circulation due to the formation of the uterus is also fed better blood fertility is increasing.

Acupuncture is a treatment , helping to treat classical therapy for infertility and fertility. Recent studies have shown that acupuncture increases fertility. But it is wrong to say that it is a ‘ infertility treatment ‘. However, when acupuncture is applied in addition to classical therapy, the result is much more successful. This is also shown in publications abroad. The most important characteristic of acupuncture is to relieve the patient. In the treatment of a disease, the mood of the patient is very important that the patient is free from stress and is relieved. Acupuncture can also improve sexual desire by ensuring proper functioning of the systems in the body, which is eliminating menstruation and menopause complaints, making the uterus more efficient. In research, acupuncture has a positive effect on reproductive health in men. There are a lot of research on acupuncture, especially in males that increase sperm number. Acupuncture is just an adjuvant treatment for fertility. However, ıt can be therapeutic alone in conditions such as obesity ,headaches. In particular, the formation of blood circulation, acceleration, reproductive organs, as well as other organs to work better by feeding more blood.

In IVF application centres, the success rate is 30% higher in cases with acupuncture. Acupuncture therapy is performed during embryo transfer, which is the most critical stage of IVF treatment and perhaps directly affecting pregnancy rates. Embryo is a total of 50 minutes, 25 minutes prior to transfer and 25 minutes after transferring process. The most important advantage of this method is that it is a painless application and relaxates the patient before the procedure. This is why stress is expected to prevent adverse changes in your body and increase pregnancy rates. It is not known precisely which mechanism of acupuncture increases pregnancy rates. However, with a warning to specific points, the secretion of a chemical substance called beta-endorphins in the whole body is increasing. With this increase, GnRH release and indirect secretion of steroids and gonadotropin hormones produced by the body is increasing. In addition, after the application of acupuncture, the blood flow to the uterus is increased, and as a result, conditions that facilitate the formation of pregnancy in the uterus are provided. Thanks to all these changes, the implantation rate of transferred embryos is thought to increase.

When and how many sessions should be performed in acupuncture infertility treatments?

It is known that the success of maternal candidates who are treated acupuncture starting approximately 5 weeks before the treatment increased by 20-30%. Especially in IVF applications. It increases the success rate of a session immediately before placing the embryo on the mother’s abdomen (embryos transfer).

 Are there scientific studies about the use of acupuncture in infertility treatment?

 The study, which made the implementation of the acupuncture in the first and IVF applications up to date, is a research published in the United States in 2002 by Dr. WE Paulus in a reputable medical journal Fertility & Sterility. . With this study, acupuncture therapy has become an increasingly widespread application in IVF clinics in America, with the demonstration of increasing pregnancy rates in IVF treatment couples.

A second article about this issue, including 7 studies, was published in Fertility & Sterility magazine in 2006. In this article, two studies have shown that acupuncture has increased clinical pregnancy rates immediately before the embryo transfer stage to patients who were taken to IVF treatment. The first of these studies is a publication that shows that Denmark has done over 273 patients in total and that acupuncture increases pregnancy rates in IVF treatment. In this publication, the clinical pregnancy rate was determined as 39% in the group with acupuncture and 24% in the control group, which was not performed in Akapuncture. The second study was a study conducted in Germany and a total of 225 patients had a clinical pregnancy rate of 33.9% in patients with acupuncture.

In cases of IVF, infertility and sperm problems, acupuncture applications and new studies and information are needed.


With the treatment of acupuncture, it is observed that the person’s sense of confidence increases. Some women are not able to conceive, although there are no health problems. In patients with this type of complaint, using acupuncture therapy can reduce stress and anxiety and allow them to conceive in natural ways. It allows the formation of natural egg development as it organises reproductive hormones. In this way, it is seen that the individual is facilitated by the possibility of conception during IVF treatment.


Acupuncture therapy is thought to allow the inner wall of the uterus to become suitable for the placement of the egg. Fertilized egg is a very high probability of settling and developing in a person who is ready for the inner wall of the uterus. However, the evidence on this issue is very weak and not definite.

Acupuncture and pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult and sacred tasks that can be loaded, I think it would be more accurate to say a woman, even a person. Unfortunately, this sacred task comes with a process that is full of great challenges in a way that is worthy of its glory. From the beginning to the end, even after a very distressed pregnancy process, leaving traces behind, to be forgotten, difficult to forget the spiritual ruins of the person can get depressed. This process affecting the whole system from the structure of the body to the balance is often very difficult to overcome without the treatment of doctors and medications. This is where acupuncture, medication-free and natural method, should not be taken to avoid drugs when pregnant And it is a blessing to relieve the mother’s troubles while preserving the health of the baby. Because the baby that completes its development in the womb can cause damages that are very difficult to return to the effect of any of the medications you use. This is why acupuncture can be of great benefit to you in order to get rid of pregnancy troubles and maintain your form.

Pregnancy process


In PREGNANCY, you can prevent nausea WITH ACUPUNCTURE. In addition, it is possible to eliminate many problems such as vomiting, back pain, backache, digestive problems, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue and so on with acupuncture. IS ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT HARMFUL DURING PREGNANCY?


There is no obstacle to prevent the application of acupuncture with the hand of expert persons in the pregnancy process. It is very natural for needles to irritated many people, and there are certain forbidden areas for pregnant women. When applying acupuncture, there is absolutely no needle application in these areas. Other methods are implemented. It is also necessary to limit these sessions to 15-20 minutes to avoid long sessions. Although rare, contractions can be observed in the uterus.


There is no shortage of breastfeeding mothers in acupuncture. Because the aim of acupuncture dietis ensure that the body is not too much, and to receive quality food, it is a habit of avoiding snacks and unhealthy foods. Healthy and high quality nutrition in the diet will increase the quality of milk production.

After pregnancy

* Acupuncture application is not limited to pregnancy only, after delivery

Effects during the loss of required weight. Due to the weight of the new mother during pregnancy, the deformed body can be easily restored to its old form with mesotherapy and suction cups.


  • French treatment method “Mesotherapy”, which has been applied almost all over the world for nearly 60 years and proved harmless after being in the right hands. Still stands as the most effective treatment method in both cellulite and regional weakening. According to the expert’s decision, mesotherapy, which can be applied once or twice a week, has very successful results at the end of a 12-session winter. It is more effective if applied together with the “Suction cup method” (cupping), which increases the effect of mesotherapy by creating synergies. Suction cup treatment is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese medicine and is administered before mesotherapy. Suction cup treatment, while providing the excretion of toxins on the other hand accelerates the blood flow to the region. It provides an increase in health quality in every body area where blood comes in adequate quantities. Thus, without the need for a surgical procedure with the combination of suction cups and mesotherapy, the deformed body is cleansed of cellulite and examines the deterioration of the fat cells. At the same time, the body comes into shape, tightening, and gradually rectifying the old lines with the elimination of very troubling arm sagges. Also due to excessive weight gain, especially in the abdominal region, the value of the recently re- Understood and”Electrolipolysis therapy” is applied, which refinds its rightful place. In this method of Chinese-French Dang Vu Yen systematized, very thin, special needles are dipped into the area of the fat that causes sags, and low-frequency current is given, the electron current formed between the needles, the substances called Beta endorphins And the lipolysis of these substances is caused by the reduction of fat, thereby shrining the sages in this adipose tissue.


  • During and after pregnancy, the fearful dream of all women is abdominal cracks. Unfortunately, there is not much to be done, but after pregnancy, there is a chance that it can be relatively improved when the cracks are red. The red and pink cracks are applied primarily to the controlled peeling process called “microdermabrasion”. It is followed by “Antioxidative Mesotherapy and Carbossiterapi”. With “Mesotherapy”, the skin feeds on vitamins and minerals, while the “CARBOSSITERAPI” provides oxygen and blood flow to the region where the cracks are located. So the cracks show improvements at various levels.

As a result, acupuncture has absolutely no harm in pregnancy, facilitation of the birth, abdominal cracks, excessive weight taken after pregnancy, repeated tightening of the sagging areas and even the side effect that can be applied even to get pregnant Non-natural method. In order to overcome the difficulties that may occur in this difficult process, it is possible to risk the health of both self and baby by referring to the use of the drug even if the mother candidate does not want to be able to relieve most mothers candidates. To prevent excess weight gain, a comfortable pregnancy process, if there are excess pounds taken in a short period of time, the dangling areas can be restored to the old tight, the formation of regional cracks and the resulting cracks In addition to the improvement of a certain section or whole according to the condition, the mother prepares herself for childbirth, no risk of postpartum depression, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, pain, nausea and vomiting, not to experience the negativity is possible with acupuncture. It is also effective at stopping the bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy.

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