The areas we call acupuncture point are those that are located under the skin or inside the muscles. All recent studies have shown that these regions have a different electrical potential than in other regions.

In other words it has emerged that the nerve cells found at these points are more. This means that when we stimulate the acupuncture point with needles or other methods, stimulation of the nerves in that area, as well as the stimulation of the brain by moving these stims to the nervous system, occurs. The brain also responds to the same extent, allowing a number of substances to be secreted in Beta endorphin, serotonin, Bradydrine v.s. These natural secrets allow the body to heal itself without any side effects.

Warnings cause beta endorphins secretion in the pituitary gland of the brain. Beta endorphins have 50 times more painkiller effect than synthetic painkiller morphine. Endorphins also inhibit the chemical flow to the upper part of the brain, which feels more severe in pain. In other words, acupuncture makes the treatment of the body without using any medications.

Now we have no expertise and technical skills that we can easily apply to this acupuncture technique without side effects and danger.

Acupresis is a traditional Chinese medicine technique based on the concept of life energy circulating in our body. This technique works with pressure points connected to some major organs in the body. By applying pressure to these points, you can treat various health problems. This is how you can alleviate annoying health problems such as headaches, colds/flu and fatigue. Here are 12 pressure points that will help improve our body and your mind…


Feng Chi

For headaches, migraine, eye blur, fatigue, low energy and cold/flu symptoms,the dots are located behind the head, in the middle, between the ear and the beginning of the spine. Messaging these dots helps relaxing nasal congestion, pain in the eyes and ears, severe headache and alleviate migraine.


Jian Jing

For neck stiffness, shoulder tension and chronic daily headache, this point is located between the rotator cuff and the vertebral colon. It can be found by pressing the shoulder muscle with your thumb and middle finger. Use your pointing or thumb to apply pressure downward. Massage for 4-5 seconds.


San Yin Jiao

For the improvement of urologic disorders, pelvic disorders, menstrual crouts, insomnia and the overall health of the woman. Your ankle is 4 fingers wide, as in the image. Find this point and apply a strict pressure. Massage for 4-5 seconds. Do not apply this method if you are pregnant.


Zhong Zhu

For temporary headache, shoulder pain, neck tension and low back pain. This spot is found in the hollow between the ring and your little finger. Apply hard pressure and massage for 4-5 seconds.


Zu San Li

For the treatment of Gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, nausea, stress and fatigue… On the outwards side of your leg, apply 4-5 seconds of pressure to the 4-inch muscle area of the knee cap.


Nei Guan

For the treatment of pregnancy, stomach discomfort, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches. Gently massage the spot on the inner side of your wrist (as in the image) for 4-5 seconds.


Shou San Li

In the treatment of neck stiffness, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and diarrhea. Apply a tight pressure to the area as in the image and massage for 4-5 seconds.


He Gu

Headache, neck pain, stress, facial pain and toothache treatment. It is located between your thumb and your index finger. Apply deep pressure and warn for 4 -5 seconds.It should not be used during pregnancy.


Tai Chong

Treatment of stress, low back pain, high blood pressure, menstrual crusts, joint pain, insomnia and depression after stroke. Apply pressure and massage to this point as in the image.


Yin Tang

For the elimination of eye fatigue, headache, treatment of nasal and sinus obstruction, improving insomnia and enhancing the effectiveness of the brain. How to find: It is located between your eyebrows. Use your fingers to gently press this point for about one minute and then release. You can repeat it several times a week.


Lao Gong

Mouth ulcers, mild fever, anxiety treatment. In the palm of your hand, press your thumb at the line of your ring finger. Massage for 4-5 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.


Qi Hai Shu

Back pain, irregular menstrual hemorrhages and asthma treatment. It can be found 2 fingers wide above the upper end of the hip. Take advantage of the image to better understand. Using your thumbs, you can massage on both sides of the spine for 4-5 seconds. Repeat every day.


That is not the course…There are also acupuncture points to help you lose weight, control your appetite and accelerate digestive movements, and where are these dots? Let’s see

Ear Point

Applying pressure to this section helps to greatly provide your appetite control.  Close the triangle section on your ear with a thumb and index finger.Then open and close your jaw and print for a while by finding the bone part that moves in your ear.  Warning these points once or twice a day will help you lose weight.


Upper Lip

Apply pressure to the pit section on your upper lip twice a day for 5 minutes.  You can apply pressure to this part when you feel hungry and anxious.


Knee Point

It is 5 cm below the kneecap and a little further away from the center of the leg. For digestives, you can apply pressure to this point every day for 2 minutes to help your request run smoothly.


Elbow Point

To find the acupuncture point in this section, slide your thumb 4 cm down from your elbow joint.  Apply pressure to this area every day for 20 minutes. Warning this point helps to eliminate excess body temperature and moisture from the body and increases bowel function and prevents fluid retention.


Ankle Point

This spot is located on the inner part of your leg, 5 cm above your ankle. Apply pressure with your thumb every day for 1 minute and release it gently. We recommend that you do not use this pressure point if you are pregnant.If you repeat our suggestions daily, you will see the difference in your body over time.

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