Fashion changes over the years, what’s worn for a year becomes obsolete for the following year. However, there are some special and classic pieces that are used by every woman in every semester. These pieces are the foundation of your clothing and become saviors in difficult times. Here are the pieces…




1. A savior for important meetings or meetings: white shirt!White shirts are a must for our wardrobes in many models that you can use everywhere from daily combos to official combinations! Remember, girls, a quality shirt you’ll have can keep you going for years.



2. Plain sweatshirt

Comfortable and convenient sweatshirts are suitable for everyday use. It’s a sporty part that you can put on you immediately when you need to get out immediately and protect you from the cold.



3. Black fabric pants for an elegant look!

Every woman must have a pair of black pants in her closet. these trousers, whether you are at work, in everyday life, or even at the right combination invitations; shirts, colorful blouses, sweaters, in short, you can be combined with many pieces in different ways.



4. BlazerBlazer jackets are so airy! A plain black blazer can make you stylish and elegant at once. Of course, it is more than a well-stitched and high quality fabric suitable for your body…
Your blazer doesn’t necessarily have to be straight and black. You can choose blazers of all colors and patterns according to the fashion of the year. The checkered fabrics, which are very fashionable this year, will not go out of fashion quickly and can be an investment for the future.



5. Jean pants to make your style speak!Dark jean slacks with a wide range of models, from baggy trousers to tight trousers, from stoned to torn, offer a combination of comfort and elegance. Jean pants, which you can easily combine with your heels or sneakers, are life-saving for us women!



6. Our must-have is black jeans that fit in all styles!

The black jeans that are lifesavers for us women are also very important! Whether it’s an elevated waist or a simple T-shirt that you wear on low-waist black jeans, you can get a great look.



7. Little Black DressThe little black dress, which has not been worn for years, is one of the choices that best emphasizes the beauty of women. Long, short, skinny, overweight, regardless of whether we can find and wear a suitable model of all of us, these dresses can take on everything from workwear, everyday, meeting costume to evening gown spies according to the shoes and accessories used…



8. Denim shorts that accentuate your legs and accentuate your hips!Jean shorts, which are indispensable especially in summer months, are one of the most comfortable pieces to use… These shorts, t-shirts, shirts or jackets are easy to combine with, which is widely used from festivals to the office.



9. Black tights

The black tights you’ll wear under baggy sweaters or boyfriend denim jackets make you look flawless. You can combine black tights with boots or sneakers that you can easily use in everyday life.



10. V-neck white T-shirt waiting for you for the days when you want to be a satirical!One of the most important parts of your wardrobe, white T-shirts v-neck, bicycle collar or round neck, whether it’s in your closet, we recommend. You can easily combine it with v-neck t-shirts, elegant necklaces or body accessories for casual women.



11. Zero-neck grey T-shirt that fits easily with anything!The zero-neck T-shirts, which are very comfortable to use, effortless and so cool, are the perfect investment for our wardrobes… Zero-neck grey T-shirts where you can create different styles will reflect the perfect balance of black and white in your style. You can complement the grey T-shirts with a colorful little accessory, which you can easily combine with jean slacks and shorts.



12. A savior for us women during the seasonal transitions: Trenchcoat!

Even in rainy weather, women who do not compromise their style prefer trench coats, seasonal transitions are indispensable… Trench coat, which is one of the first pieces that comes to mind when spring is mentioned, appeals to everyone with its different model options. whether you want to have classic models or this year’s trend-draped models, you can get a stylish look in an instant.



13. A warm choice for ice-cold weather: Opaque Pantyhose!Although the location of skin socks and patterned socks of all colors is separate for women, you must have an opaque pantyhose that you can wear under your favorite skirts, dresses and shorts in winter! You never know when it’s going to happen, so don’t forget to carry some spare socks with you in case your sock escapes.



14. A coat that will keep you warm and style your style!Coats, which allow us to spend the winter warmer, are indispensable for women who always want to talk about their style… You can instantly get a warm and stylish look with the coats that come to mind first and are wild cards when you think of winter. Of course, it’s important to have a coat that suits your style, so don’t forget to choose the model that suits you best!



15. BabetBabet shoes are so comfortable, when you wear them, they don’t want to take them off their feet. These shoes, which can adapt to any environment unless the weather is very snowy or rainy, are also a symbol of elegance.



16. Boyshort lingerie that you can easily wear under your clothes!The boyshorts, which are perfect for use, can’t give up. Whether you use these underwear, whether you are a sport or a day, these are the saviors of all kinds of combinations! These lingerie, which you can wear fearlessly under your short skirts/dresses, are both comfortable and untraceable.



17. A quality leather jacket that will reveal your masculine side!When it comes to leather, it’s a good idea to invest in a really good quality product, leather jackets that will suddenly change your whole mood, the best complement to your favorite T-shirt! Leather jackets, whether you wear your everyday clothes or evening dresses, are a trend that never gets old.



18. Denim jacket

Black or blue denim jackets are a piece that every woman should have in her closet. It is easy to combine and can be taken on in cool weather when going out. Boyfriend jeans can choose this will give you a pleasant feel.



19. A light denim jacket that is indispensable in street style as well as cool nights!Jean jackets, clad in denim fabric of every shade of blue, are a trend that never gets old with wide color alternatives from white to black! What is these jackets that fit with many of your combinations and are not a savior that warms you on cool nights? You can also carry it easily with its lightweight. No, if you say you can’t carry it, you can tie the denim jackets, which are the wildcards of your closet, around your waist.



20. Silk BlouseIt will be a key piece that allows you to continue the post-office night with a white silk blouse

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