Who doesn’t love a vacation? So would you like to spend your holiday in an unusual way, different from what you always do? If the answer is yes, here are 30 of the world’s most extraordinary hotels that will give you a whole new experience.


1-Jumbo Hostel, the world’s first airplane hotel – Stockholm

Stockholm is home to this strange and world-first airplane hotel. This abandoned Boeing 747 jumbo jet was rescued from being taken to a metal dump and converted into a hotel for 25 people at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.


2-Galactic Suit

The cost of a 3-night stay and 8-week flight training costs $4 million.Each room has an area of 6 square meters. They feature bunk beds, overhead luggage and flat-screen TVs. It is located at the back of the plane with a reception, café, toilets and shower. Toilets and showers are offered as a common area. There is a conference room upstairs, and the hotel’s favourite place must be the special suite for honeymooners in the cockpit. It may not be a very comfortable hotel; But staying here will definitely be a different experience.


3-Waterworld Hotel, water-themed hotel – China

Atkin’s Architecture Group takes first place in the international design competition with this eye-catching design. Built by natural way on top of this water-filled quarry in China’s Songjiang region, the 400 bedroom resort hotel has a unique look. Public areas underwater and guests’ rooms also add a distinct atmosphere to the hotel. Cafes, restaurants and sports activities are of course among the indispensablestaples of such a hotel.


4-Capsule Hotel, hotel made of rescue boat – Netherlands

Wouldn’t you like to have a rescue boat of your own? This rescue boat-shaped hotel is located on a dock in the center of the city. This vehicle, which used to be a rescue boat on an oil rig, now serves as a hotel. Originally produced in 1972, the vehicle has a diameter of 4.25 meters. It also has a chemical toilet that can be used for emergencies, and not everyone is fond of luxury, after all, and there must be holiday enthusiasts in this hotel who don’t want luxury for their customers.


5-Everland, one-bedroom hotel in the loft – Paris

Everland is a one-bedroom hotel. This hotel features a large double bed, bathroom and a lounge. So if you ask me what makes this hotel special, this hotel is both a work of art and can be moved to different places. It is now located above the Palais de Tokyo building in Paris to see the unique beauty of the Eiffel Tower.


6-The Hydropolis

This underwater hotel, which is approximately 300 meters from the coast, was built about 20 meters deep in the sea. Set on 260 hectares, the hotel is located in Dubai.


7-Sala Silvergruva, hotel in silver mine – Sweden

Imagine staying in a hotel with only one room at the historic Sala Silver Mine, one of the best preserved places in the world, 155 metres underground. A total of 400 tons of silver and 40,000 tons of lead were extracted by hand in Sala, where 3 tons of silver were extracted annually during its active periods. If you get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, make sure you’re turning in the right direction, or you’ll find yourself touring the big caves and lakes.


8-Hotel de Glace, ice hotel – Canada

This single-storey hotel, made entirely of ice and snow, has been rebuilt every year since 2000. The hotel can stay open from 4 January to 29 March, or rather, a hotel that can stay from April because the ice has melted. The Ice Hotel is known as one of the world’s most famous winter activities. Made of 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow in 5 weeks, the ceiling height of the Ice Hotel is approximately 5.5 meters. It is worth noting that the hotel’s furniture was also carved out of ice blocks.


9-Foldable Hotel Pods

Headquartered in London, the M3 is one of the portable hotels designed by architecture. The project amounted to $104 million.


10-Hotel Im Wasserturm, hotel in the water tower – Germany

Rising from Cologne, Germany, this internationally famous hotel was once a 19th-century hotel. It was known as the largest water tower in 19th century Europe. This hotel, which is no longer used as a water tower, turned this unique 78-room hotel into a 78-room hotel in 1990.


11-The Apeiron Island Hotel

This 7-star dubai hotel is built on 200,000 square metres of land and features 350 luxury suites. Spa centres, conference rooms, cinemas, picture galleries and restaurants can be found inside the hotel. The hotel even has its own artificial lake.


12-The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel, hotel made from wine barrels – Netherlands

The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands took four scrapped wine barrels from Switzerland and converted them into rooms. Once filled with 14,500 litres of Beaujolais wine, each of these barrels houses rooms for two people that are not very luxurious. These rooms even have a bathroom and a living room. If you don’t like wine, it might bother you that these barrels still smell of wine.


13-Das Park Hotel, hotel made of concrete pipes – Austria

The rooms in this hotel are made of concrete pipes used in sewers. It might sound strange;however, these structures can be made by costing any place very cheaply. These rooms have a very comfortable bed for two people and also have a minibar.  Room service also runs until 1:00 a.m. The reception is open 24 hours a day.


14-Giraffe Manor, a hotel where you can dine with giraffe – Kenya

This small and unique hotel is surrounded by 56 hectares of forest outside Nairobi. What makes this hotel famous is the horde of giraffes in these woods. It’s the only place in the world where you can feed a giraffe and take a picture during breakfast. In the morning or evening, giraffes reach out their heads and accompany you to your meals. This hotel doesn’t just have giraffes, of course, many different kinds of birds, hordes of wild boars, and elegant African antelopes named Bush Buck.


15-The Poseidon Undersea Resort

This world’s first 6-star hotel on the island of Fiji is built 330 metres deep in the sea. The hotel’s project is $105 million.


16-YOTEL – New York City, New York, U.S.

Stepping off the threshold of YOTEL will enter a universe inspired by luxury aircraft design. In the Ground Control section, you can use self-service check-in tollbooths, which are available day and night. Yobot will then come to your rescue for the luggage and belongings you want to keep during your stay. While you enter the pin code and surname given at check-in, Yobot will take your belongings and place them in one of the 150 lockers to be stored until check-out time.Rooms are equipped with features to adorn the dreams of tech enthusiasts: a flat-screen TV, iPod/MP3 docking station, sockets for all your belongings, and a mechanical bed to help you find your ideal position to watch out the window. On top of that, take the elevator and enjoy panoramic views of New York City from the terrace.



It is a huge flying hotel weighing 400 tons. The hotel was designed by Igor Pasternak. With 250 passengers, the hotel can travel 965 kilometers at a time.


18-Kameha Grand Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland

Located in the new Glattpark project with meadows and lakes at one end, The Kameha Grand Zurich offers a fierce contrast to geometric shapes and comes with a bold design. You will find yourself in space and realize your childhood dreams without abandoning the comfort of your bed, which appears to be suspended in the air. In this best zero gravity experience, you’ll be surrounded by spaceship-inspired items such as astronaut glove-shaped coat hangers, Star Trek-designed seats and lights reminiscent of space shuttle parts.

When you return to Earth, you will have an eye feast thanks to what this modern hotel has to offer. Sit under the giant plate of the L’Unico restaurant and pamper yourself with Italian specialties or head to the You restaurant for a trip to French-Far East hybrid cuisine.

The “Life is Grand” sign on the hotel’s façade also determines the atmosphere of the hotel: Get ready to encounter something more majestic than in real life from the moment you step into the hotel.


19-Capsule by Container Hotel – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don’t be fooled by the rough appearance of this hotel’s container walls! Each container is actually a small living space that provides comfort at the most extreme point. You won’t find quality or unnecessary luxuries at the hotel, because there’s a perfect balance of requirements and services just to get a good night’s sleep as close to the airport as possible.

From the lounge to the library and the men’s, women’s and mixed CapSpace corridors, 120 capsules inspired by the reuse of cargo containers are arranged from floor to ceiling. Designed with the concept of “kyosho jutaku”, which means quality living in a minimal area, everything is thought out for an excellent stay. In addition to towels and slippers, the hotel also offers a compartment for putting shoes on, and there is a personal locker you can rent.


20-Silken Puerta América – Madrid, Spain

In the Space Club room at the Silken Puerta América Hotel, endless curves extend from one corner of the room to the next. Designed by Pritzker award-winning Zaha Hadid and available in two colours as pure white or oil black, the Space Club room pushes the boundaries of classic stays. Sci-fi-like shapes that connect the walls with tables, beds and floors await you in the rooms. As you lie on the bed and watch the smooth ceiling, you can feel like you’re floating in space or in an alien’s belly.

On another floor, another Pritzker award-winning architect Jean Nouvel takes guests on a sensory journey with interactive materials and shapes. Straight lines, smooth materials, Tetris-like furnishings are in perfect harmony with this ultra-modern design, and madrid’s stunning view from floor to ceiling brings the room to a divine level. With a stroll through the corridors of The Silken Puerta América, you’ll be taking a step towards outer space without leaving Earth.


21-The Poseidon Undersea Resort

This world’s first 6-star hotel on the island of Fiji is built 330 metres deep in the sea. The hotel’s project is $105 million.


22-Wanderlust – Singapore

When you step into the world of innovation from the busy Dickson Road in Little India and the “Industrial Glam” (as the hotel’s various designers are named by Asylum, :Phunk Studio and fFurious), you will witness the clash of worlds. The printed ad collage crowned with a modern touch in the lobby is a small sign of the extraordinary design you will find in each hotel room.

In rooms with names like Pantone and Whimsical, you’ll find yourself in a storm of colors. And on a giant rocket surrounded by stuffed aliens in the Space room, you’ll feel like a cosmic explorer. Let’s not forget the giant showers and bathrooms surrounded by frosted glass in the center of the rooms.

For those who can’t stay away from the Internet, there are smartphones in the lobby with unlimited 3g data connections that they can borrow, loaded with Singapore city guide!


23-Yas Hotel – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Nothing is more successful in reflecting futuristic developments than an island created by humans. Being one of the most prominent buildings of the human-made Yas Island also brings to being one of the most tangible symbols of Abu a peaceful universe full of changing colors.

One of the most prominent features of the hotel is that it offers the opportunity to watch the races at the Yas Marina Formula 1 ™ Circuit, which is adjacent to the hotel.

To fully experience this hotel, you can sit by the pool under the roof during the day and sip a drink at the ultra-modern Rush bar and nightclub at night.Dhabi elegance: Yas Hotel. The smooth curves and LED lights that make up this incredible roof create


24-Henn na Hotel – Sasebo, Japan

Henn means “change” in Japanese, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find robots, robots and more robots in this modern hotel that strives to be extraordinary! You’ll be amazed at this ultra-technological way of communication, from multilingual robot dinosaurs at the check-in desk to a robot coke that puts its suitcase in storage and a robot waist line that carries it into the room. If you’re still unimpressed, you’ll have to wait until you register your face with facial recognition before you can walk around the hotel without a key!

Henn na Hotel is also proud to use eco-friendly building elements such as solar panels and cross-laminated wood (derived from sustainable managed forests) to create a responsive and comfortable environment, including huis Ten Bosch offers excellent relaxation after a day of visiting the theme park.


25-The Inflatable Suite Hotel

Construction of this inflatable space hotel designed by Bigelow Aerospace began in Russia in 2007


26-nHow Hotel – Berlin, Germany

There’s nothing more natural than staying at the ultra-stylish nHow Hotel in this city, which is already known for its art and innovation. When you bring the nHow Hotel to life, interior designer Karim Rashid must have apple candies and tilt machines in her mind. With its bright colours gushing from everywhere and lines that draw fun curves, the hotel offers much to experience even before it comes to the panoramic view of the Spree River, which features floor-to-ceiling windows in the dining area.

In-house concerts, art exhibitions and fashion shows, nHow Hotel puts the nHow Hotel first for a trendy stay in the German capital. Innovation is not limited to these; Led lighting, recycled wood floors, locally sourced food and beverages have thought of everything they can to make your stay as stylish and delicious as possible.


27-The Lunatic Hotel

This hotel, which started construction on the moon, is expected to be completed in 2050.


28-Iniala Beach House – Phuket, Thailand

For the modern level of comfort that Iniala has to offer, we would not exaggerate beyond this world. In addition to the highly skilled staff who are ready to help with everything, you will be pampered here with innovations at the very end. When choosing between three villas and a terrace floor, you will find features such as memory foam floors, hanging beds resembling silkworm cocoons and sculpted ceilings.

Each villa with its own personality has been shaped by the imagination of architects and artists around the world, transformed into forms such as natural wood ceilings with rounded lines or white leather furniture that cater to pleasures. Inspired by the generous and private landscapes of the Andaman Sea, Iniala villas call you to satisfy your every desire with their roofs that resemble two inviting hands.


29-NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding – Madrid, Spain

Rising in Madrid’s district famous for its financial institutions, NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding offers cutting-edge technology, making it the perfect place to stay on business. Full of innovations such as the arched LED display, 3D Holography Technology, wireless chargers and sleep monitoring systems on the lobby ceiling, this hotel is part of the Living Lab initiative, where guests are the first to try some of the latest technological advancements. .

If you wish, you can watch Real Madrid match  at the neighbouring Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, have dinner at one of the hotel’s three mouth-watering restaurants, and end the night with views of madrid from your hotel room.


30-Free Spirit Spheres,Canada

An authentic holiday destination that will offer you a freer holiday and relaxation.

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