How big do you think a hotel can be? There are big hotels in the world. Today, hotels with many rooms are being built for new record attempts. There are a lot of people who die to stay in these hotels that you’ll be amazed to learn about the number of rooms, and las Vegas is the top of the list with a large number of hotels. But he’s competed in places like Marseille, Thailand, Macau and Mecca. Here are the world’s largest hotels…


20-Marina Bay Sands-Singapore

The resort is a building that rises into the sky in the form of a giant ship. A large area with three 55-storey skyscrapers that have become one of Singapore’s landmarks and a 340-meter-long terrace combining these three magnificent buildings, a viewing area and the world’s tallest outdoor pool.

Opened in 2011, Marina Bay Sands features a 2561-room hotel, one of the world’s most famous casinos, a fair and exhibition area, a shopping mall with shops from world-famous brands, world-class restaurants, museums and two theaters… Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s 150-meter-long outdoor “infinity pool” is located on top of the Marina Bay Sands buildings. It is located on the floor and the pool is the largest swimming pool in the world. Only guests of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel can take advantage of the pool, which offers the most beautiful views of Marina Bay, where all of Singapore’s skyscrapers can be watched while swimming.


19- The Mirage – Las Vegas, U.S.A

 This 3044-room hotel, which started to serve in 1990 but has undergone many changes since 2004, is the number one address of comfort and comfort.


18-Atlantis Paradise Island – Bahamas

Located in the Bahamas, the hotel stands out for its diversity of meals. If you want to stay in an idyllic place, the 3414-room Atlantis Paradise Island will be the right choice.


17-Shinagawa Prince Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

Impeccable service, excellent comfort, spacious rooms. Japan’s largest hotel with 3680 rooms also attracts attention with affordable prices.


16-Sheraton – Macao, China

It is the largest of the Sheraton hotels with a capacity of 3896 Rooms.


15-Excalibur – Las Vegas,U.S.A

Excalibur hotel was opened in 1990. Some renovations have been made to the hotel since 2008. The design of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino is inspired by King Arthur’s sword. The theme is joined with a majestic atmosphere with castle-like structures. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, Excalibur. Rooms can be purchased at as cheap prices as $32 for one night. Excalibur has 28 floors and 3,981 rooms in 2 towers. The colossal hotel features several theatres, restaurants, shops, an arena, a wedding chapel, a swimming pool and a casino. The hotel, which has been in service since 2008, is considered one of the largest and most magnificent hotels in Las Vegas. There are 3,981 rooms on 28 floors of the hotel, which has yet to accommodate enough guests to serve the full capacity over a 10-year period. You’ve already guessed that he’s home to a big casino facility when the hotel’s in Vegas. Excalibur has also appeared in various video games and television productions.


14-Aria Resort and Casino – Las Vegas, U.S.A

The hotel and casino, which opened its doors in December 2009, offer a nightclub and a variety of entertainment.  Located in the gambling city of Las Vegas, the hotel has 4,004 rooms and is exactly 61 storeys and has many areas in the complex, such as suites, restaurants and theaters. Hotel LEED is the Energy and Environmental Design Leader. With energy savings, Leed received gold certification. It is also a leader in design and functions.


13-Ambassador City Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand

Ambassador City Jomtien, located in Pattaya, Thailand, has 4219 rooms. There are 8 restaurants in this large hotel. The largest swimming pool in Asia is also located in this hotel. This hotel, located on the seafront, attracts attention with its large, flamboyant structure. Hotel rooms are designed to reflect a different style on each floor. The hotel has 4,219 rooms and has 4 stars. It is one of the oldest hotels in the area, so room rates start at just $38 a night. Set on a massive 162,000 m2 plot, The Ambassador City is set in Thailand/ Pattaya. It has an on-site convention center, 8 restaurants, a nightclub, a bar, a sports and fitness center. Located by the sea, the hotel offers a different sea view on almost every front. It can be a great choice especially for holidaymakers who like to spend time on the beach. In addition, 256 metres of the beach is pattaya’s beach for homosexuals.


12-Mandalay Bay & Delano, Las Vegas


11-Luxor-Las Vegas

Luxor Las Vegas, named after the Egyptian country, is found in the Nevada desert in Las Vegas, United States. There are plenty of room types available at the hotel. There are luxurious rooms such as Pyramid Deluxe Queen Room, Cleo Pyramid King Deluxe Room and Tower Deluxe Queen Room. The smallest room is 42 square meters wide. The luxury hotel reflects a complete Egyptian style with pyramids and sphinxes. You can feel yourself in Egypt at this hotel. The hotel has a total of 4,407 rooms in the 22-storey tower. Built in 1993 and close to four star quality, Luxor has room rates starting at $40 per night. The world’s most powerful beam of light is here and behind a copy of the Giza Great Sphinx.


10-Wynn Las Vegas + Encore Las Vegas

Another big hotel in Las Vegas. Wynn Las Vegas, built by Steve Wynn. This 49-storey hotel has 4,750 rooms. Wynn, also a five-star hotel, is in Las Vegas. The Wynn is located on the opposite side of Mandalay Bay. Prince Harry has stayed at this hotel. Wynn has all the features of classic Vegas hotels. The Wynn also features an 18-hole golf course and a Ferrari dealership. A room will cost you a minimum of $120.


9-Izmailovo Hotel, Moscow

The 30-storey Izmailovo, which was the largest hotel in Europe between 1980 and 1993, has 5000 rooms and 7500 beds. There are some great places to visit around the Moscow hotel. The hotel was built in 1979 to host athletes at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Designed in the shape of 4 towers, the hotel’s tower names are inspired by the Greek alphabet. (Gamma-Delta, Vega, Beta and Alpha)  This hotel is 3-star.


8-Disney All-Star Resort – Orlando

The only Disney hotel on our list is the Disney All-Star resort in Orlando, Florida. Disney All-Star Resort; It was built as three resorts: Disney All-Star Sports Resort, Disney All-Star Music Resort and Disney All-Star Movie Resort, and is separated by its themes. Although handled separately, these hotels belong to the same company and are located close to each other. It has 1,920 rooms at the sports facility, 1,818 at the Music Resort and 1,920 in The Film Village. Thus, the total number of rooms is 5,658. Hotels start at $120 a night. As the name suggests, it is another concept hotel based on the Disney theme. The hotel hosts three more subconcepts: Disney’s All – Star Music, All – Star Movies and All – Star Sports, and offers a total of 5,658 rooms under the umbrella of the Disney All Star Resort. Especially during your holidays with your children, the possibilities to make them happy almost every minute are spread throughout the hotel.


7-Sands Cotai Central, Macau

There are 6,000 rooms in Sands Cotai Central, a special administrative region of China, Macau. Compun from 4 hotels, including the world’s largest Holiday Inn hotel, the hotel has 11 restaurants and bars serving a variety of International cuisine. The 12,000 square meter garden, spa centers, pool and restaurants are worth a visit.


6- CityCenter, Las Vegas

Las Vegas always seems to be trying to build bigger hotels. With 6,790 rooms, it’s located in Las Vegas at CityCenter. This glass structure in the middle of the city consisting of 5 towers attracts the attention of all tourists.


5- MGM Grand Las Vegas + The Signature

Between 1993 and 2006, it was the largest hotel in the world. Today, THE MGM Grand Las Vegas is the third largest hotel in the world with 6852 rooms. Las Vegas hotels fill the list of the world’s largest hotels. If this list included only hotels in Las Vegas, of course, mgm grand, owned by the MGM Resort Group, would take its place at the top. Completed in 1993, the MGM Grand consists of 4 separate towers with 30 floors and has 5,044 rooms. MGM is a hotel that has won many awards, including the Forbes Four Stars Award. The hotel also won the AAA Four Diamond Award and was named the world’s leading casino resort in 2013. With 6,852 hotel rooms, the MGM Grand and its 5-star sister Signature, also in Las Vegas, have an arena and 20 restaurants. Although the hotel was built with the theme of the Oz Wizard, it was later redesigned with 6,852 hollywood-inspired rooms. There is a large bronze lion on the entrance, the largest bronze statue in the United States. The casino, the largest in Clark County, is one of the casinos in the 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven.


4- The Venetian and The Palazz- Las Vegas

The Venetian and The Palazzo were the world’s largest hotel between 2008 and 2015. Today, it ranks second in the list of the world’s largest hotels with 7117 rooms. In their elegantly designed rooms, customers feel they are staying at the palace. Venetian’s prices start at $165 a night. The 5-star hotel was opened in 1999 to the old location of the Sands Hotel and was present at the opening of the Italian actor Sophia Loren. Venetian wanted to give his guests the magical atmosphere of Venice with gondolas. The Venetian sister hotel is next to the Palazzo and, combined with Venice, has been transformed into a 7,117-room hotel complex. Inspired by Venice, Italy, this hotel is designed as a 5-star concept hotel and stands out with its casino among the largest hotels in the world. The hotel, which features a replica of the Doge Palace, the Venetian Lion’s Pillars, St Mark’s Square, the Bell Tower and the Rialto Bridge illusion, was expanded in 2001 by adding the Guggenheim Heritage Museum, 1,013 suites and a wedding chapel.


3-First World Hotel Genting Highlands – Malaysia

Located in Pahang, Malaysia, the 3-star hotel looks super-colourful and fun. It is within walking distance of the Genting theme park.7351 rooms at the First World Hotel in Malaysia, which will hold the title of the world’s largest hotel until 2017 and are also in its colorful form, have its own theme. there is a park and a shopping mall. A replica of the Statue of Liberty, statues of the Oscars, a small section of Time Square are located inside the hotel. First World Hotel is the world’s largest hotel for the time being with 7351 rooms. Because the Abraj Kudai in Mecca, which is scheduled to be completed this year  will have a hotel with 10,000 rooms. If this structure, which will amaze those who see it, is completed in 2019, it will make a huge difference to the First World Hotel…


2-Abraj Kudai, Saudi Arabia

Abraj Kudai, which has 10,000 rooms, is expected to open in 2019 the construction of the hotel, which is expected to open in 2017, has been slowed due to the financial crisis, with its opening expected in 2019, although it is not certain to open.The Abraj Kudai Hotel, which rises on the corner of Masjid al-Haram in Saudi Arabia, will open its doors to its guests in 2019. With 10,000 rooms, it will be named the largest hotel in the world.The hotel was designed by the Dar Al Handasah group.A little more money can be spent on the Mecca hotel, which was previously announced to cost $3.5 billion due to a drop in oil revenues. The Ministry of Finance funds the hotel.The 45-storey hotel will feature five and four-star rooms and will consist of 12 towers. The hotels in the 10 towers will be four stars, and the other two towers will have five stars.The hotel will have a shopping mall, hectars and 70 restaurants.The hotel was built on a total area of 64,000 square meters and will have 1,400 million metrakere.The project, named ‘Mecca-line’, with a name quoted from Manhattan, will be a major accommodation in the holy city, visited by more than 2 million Muslims each year.Abraj Kudai will have taken first place at the First World Hotel in Malaysia, which currently holds the title of the world’s largest hotel with 7351 rooms.



In 1939, three years before Hitler invaded Poland, he ordered the establishment of the world’s largest facility.This 5-kilometer-long facility would be placed on the shores of Rügen Island, where the Nazis called it “Prora”. Prora, which has the capacity to accommodate more than 20,000 people, was established especially in factories to make German workers who work day and night comfortably.More than 9,000 workers took part in this project for three years. A giant structure 4.3 km long was built of brick and concrete.

This facility, called prora, was useful and extremely imposing. But as the Third Reich began its destructive march in Europe, workers staying at this magnificent facility made their way to their factories. This Nazi dream, which had been left unused for decades and was left alone, had begun to become a ruin…

In 2013, the German real estate company Metropole Marketing acquired all of Prora’s rights and decided to completely renovate it to make it a luxury summer resort. Now Hitler’s Prora is being turned into a luxury getaway. The eight-block apartments, the disparate Prora Solitaire Houses and Hotels will be the new faces of this magnificent building. Although the end of all of Prora’s restoration will take to 2022, the apartments and summer houses it has housed have begun to be sold. Some of the eight-block apartments opened in the summer of 2016 and were acquired in the price range of between $400,000 and $725,000.

This facility, which includes houses of various sizes, from penthouse suites to much more modest apartments, is also astonishing with its modernised structure. Regardless of the size and price of the apartments, all apartments have glass elevators, underfloor heating and laundries. In addition, each of the buildings in the facility shows the exquisite view of the Baltic Sea. With these features as well as a huge garden, spa and swimming pools, Prora looks set to become a popular resort.

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