Acupuncture is a completely natural and non-side-effect method, which is based on scientific foundations that are important in the final period and is applied either directly or as complementary support therapy in the treatment of many diseases.

What is still acupuncture in our country, although it is not known exactly what it is, and those who want to apply are looking for a clear answer to the question of what is the harm of acupuncture, after almost every treatment and drug use, annoying side effects, With the prejudice posed in our minds, the side effects of acupuncture are covered in a way that is far further away from the acupuncturist they are already approaching with prejudice.

Acupuncture is a medical method that can be easily applied to every person of all ages, there is absolutely no harm and side effects. This method, which has not been observed in any negative outcome until this day, can only be very small in the application section. For example, you can be psychologically affected if you have a fear of needles, even though it is too thin to feel so painful. This is a trivial fear for most people, but it annoys people with fear of needles. This situation has a remedy. With developing technology, the application forms of acupuncture have evolved and proliferable. With laser Acupuncture and electroacupuncture methods you can take the desired treatment as your needle.

First of all, what you should keep in mind is that the specialist who you apply to is approved by the Health Ministry, has a certificate holder, experienced, acupuncture clinic and the materials used are sterile. Although the importance of acupuncture in our country is not fully understood, Acupunctura is not much in demand. That’s why we don’t have fake acupuncturist for now. But this does not mean that people who are not experts do not do this job. For her, you must necessarily contact an expert using your reference and ask your expert if you have any questions on how to keep your mind answer. These technical issues may also be related to the materials he uses with expertise experience. Don’t hesitate, and once in a while you create a sense of trust, start treatment. Make sure that your expert physician will also enjoy it and continue with care, which is more important to your treatment.

Now, what are the damages of acupuncture and to whom it is not applied.

* Acupuncture has no known serious damage or side effects. It has supported many international articles published by the World Health Organization.

* Acupuncture also has no age limit. Everyone can do it with peace of mind. It is possible for people with blood pressure patients to decrease their tension during the session. In fact, even if you are not a blood pressure patient, it is a small possibility that your head will return and your blood pressure fall during the session. In addition, blood pressure drops can be seen in people who have a needle or hospital fear. Most of the patients are able to overcome this fear in general after a few sessions.

* If acupuncture Needles and the clinic are not hygienic, you are likely to be infected. So you need to make sure that you choose your specialist well and use sterile materials.

* An acupuncture person may not have experience even if they own a certificate. In particular, you apply for slimming and regional slimming, which can be applied to the wrong points, which may cause tissue destruction.

* In the area where acupuncture is performed, small hemorrhages and bruises can be seen. This is rarely seen and is not a condition that threatens your health.

* Acupuncture can make fatigue and weakness in some people. That’s very natural. It is a sign that your body needs rest. For patients with weakness and excessive fatigue, the situation is assessed, and it is decided whether or not to continue acupuncture if this condition is caused by another reason.

* People with a problem in blood clotting should not prefer acupuncture with needle if there is a possibility of bleeding in case of a possible bleeding.

* It may also be objectioned to apply for abdominal region during pregnancy.

* If surgical intervention has become mandatory for patients with surgery, it will not be correct to apply acupuncture for these patients.

* Other people who are allergic to metal should prefer laser acupuncture instead of disposable, non-painful, steel needles.

As with experience, acupuncture is a natural treatment that does not end by counting the benefits when it is done in sterile materials and hygienic environments by the right people. You can comfortably apply for this method of treatment, which is almost as low as the damage. Again, let us remind you that you are experienced, expert and document owner of the job.

PS:All the articles in our website aim giving information.Please consult an expert.Our website can not be legally accused of any problems

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