Description of Acupuncture

If you’re wondering what acupuncture means, let me tell you the meaning of the word immediately: to soak the needle or treat it with a needle. The meaning of the word is not exactly understood, but the value of acupuncture is not fully grasped, perhaps it is a treatment that can be regarded as one of the greatest revolution in the history of medicine. It is even older than the history of historical medicine.

History and origins of acupuncture

The history of acupuncture dates back to 2000 BC. In the excavation work, it was understood that the stones were diluted and made into needles. During the period of the Stone Age,the person who developed such a method of treatment is not known exactly, but according to these remains in the west of China, there are 2 possibilities. The Turks or the Chinese. Although acupuncture is a widely used method of treatment for thousands of years, many of the remains of Uighur Turks were found in the shapes describing the method of acupuncture.

The first written source of the 4.century, meet of acupuncture with the rest of the world began after 1950, the American President Nixon’s visit to China 1972, an American journalist to operate in the discomfort of appendicitis, anesthesia with the use of acupuncture instead of applying attracted the attention of the West and became famous.

In the Far East countries, especially in China, acupuncture, which has become a standard medicine application, has used and developed Turks, Egyptians, Irans, Chinese and many other Far Eastern countries.

Acupuncture, which does not have a side effect, almost cures no disease, does not have a very large positive effect on health expenses, it is harmless, even in the treatment of human and even animals, in 1972 the World Health.It has been adopted by the Organization, supported and promoted, and has taken its place in the medical world.

The Chinese have begun to use it extensively and are still widely used to say that it is beneficial that the Chinese are eating food that is not very healthy, unaware of the rest of the world and the developments.How could he have been healthy for thousands of years by using classical and alternative medicine methods? And when  does the average age of the world  fall?, why does the average age of the Chinese rise? These are, of course, not proven.These are only things I observe, what I think. It is widely used by the Chinese, the Japanese have developed electrically methods, the Germans have developed methods of laser treatment.

What is Acupuncture

This form of treatment, which is based on the historical and scientific infrastructure, has emerged in the Far East and has been used for almost 4000 years. If we are to specialize the millennia of these four millennia, we can say that for at least three thousand years specialists have been using it as therapeutic by developing acupuncture. Apart from that, acupuncture is perceived more like alternative medicine, but that is not the truth of the work and should not be your last resort. Now scientifically proven its benefits and proved to have given more effective results than many modern medical applications. The best part is that there is virtually no chemical and drug use, no side effects, but it has effective persistence and a root remedy for your illness. And can anyone do acupuncture? Of course, if you do not have a very important obstacle, so if your body functions are normal, you will surely see the effect. Already in the essence of acupuncture, this is the self-treatment of our bodies in our own working conditions without causing any side effects by activating secreting and body drugs in our own body. So it is natural and as a last resort is incorrect. As long as you find the driver’s license, ask the expert for help. We will try to introduce our teachers who are specialists in our blog, who may be useful to you. Let’s talk about how to apply a little more technically after sharing this little note. This method, which was first used as an anesthetic in China, is a function disorder in our brain and nervous system by pricking into certain nerve endlets in our body. The final result varies from patient to patient and the condition of the disease, which is the same in every form of treatment. Moreover, needles do not suffer as they are thought, so there is no need to be afraid. The dimensions are very small and very thin. The thickness of the most commonly used needle is almost as much as the wire of your hair and does not feel painful. Only slight electiation and maybe a little numbness can be felt. These needles are disposable, so rest easy for him. Nevertheless, there is a cure for acupuncture method that progresses in parallel with modern technological possibilities, if you think that you can not do it. It also has a very low electrical current to these points, which are determined without needle-sinking We can see the desired result. However, these points are limited and the needle method returns results more quickly.

That’s why we’re going over our fears to squeeze a little bit of our teeth. In addition, laser acupuncture is available in the method and all leads to the same result, i.e. logic and practice are the same. In addition, after contacting your specialist, the necessary tests are made first (MR, X-ray, blood analysis, etc.) then decide how to apply an acupuncture treatment method.

When the treatment is not immediately initiated, the most accurate method is decided.The sessions differ depending on the patient’s condition, age and what the disease is. Maybe three or thirty sessions can get rid of your illness.

Very very high level of illness and conditions, the treatment can pass 30 sessions, but surely you will see the benefits. If you have pain, you will get rid of your pain (this is often a definite salvation, no more complaints), at least alleviates your pain and complaints. But which diseases are treated with acupuncture, what are the benefits, what is the harm, is there an age limit, is it an expensive treatment, how long is the treatment, and explain briefly what is slimming with acupuncturist. Acupuncture is a form of treatment that can be used to treat almost any disease nowadays. It is the solution of pain that is not generally passed.

This includes migraine, waist and neck hernia pains, and muscle aches. Acupuncture, which does not count for the benefit, is a method used even for the treatment of smoking, depression, panic attacks, even cancer, and I can say that I have not heard the complaint from the damage until today. Because it’s a very natural method. When it comes to age, there is absolutely no age limit because it does not use a drug or chemical that can side-effect the body.

When it comes to your wages, it’s not an expensive way of treating. Although the rate and number of sessions differ, a 10-session treatment will result in a general desired outcome, not even ten sessions. The duration of the sessions usually varies from 20 to 40 minutes.

Price is very cheap compared to the treatment of other diseases. Some of the main treatments in some of the ailments are used as complementary side treatment, acupuncture that does not end with counting benefits is a form of treatment you will apply with peace of mind. However, it is important to remind you again and again that you must ask for help from experienced people who are specialized in the business which is the certificate holder.

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