In this article, we wanted to compile and share with you the most interesting deaths to date.


1.Dying from dessertKing Adolf Frederick of Sweden loved to eat sweets, and in 1771 at a dinner at the age of 61, he ate various dishes on the table and finally died after eating 14 of his favorite desserts.


2. Death During Presentation to The Jury

Clement Vallandigham was a well-known successful lawyer after the civil war. It was about murder at a trial he attended in 1871, To exonerate his client, he wanted to recreate the position of the gun at the time of the incident and shot himself. His theory was correct, his client was innocent; But it cost him his life.


3. Mocking death and dying

In 1998, a French man attempted an interesting suicide. He climbed a high hillside by the sea, tied a rope around his neck and tied it tightly to the rock. Then he drank poison and burned himself. And when he jumped off a cliff, he shot him in the head with a gun. The most interesting thing is that the thing starts here, and when he fired, the bullet hit the rope, not the head, and the rope broke. As he fell into the sea, the flame went out and the water was cold, so he went into shock and started vomiting, and the poison he drank was thrown out of the body. The man who was pulled from the water by a fisherman was rushed to the hospital; however, the man died of hypothermia (a sudden drop in body temperature).


4. Death from toeIn 1911, renowned whiskey tasting Jack Daniel came to work as he does every morning and tried to open his safe. The other thing was that he forgot the code, and he got angry, kicked the safe, broke his toe. He died as a result of the infection he contracted here.


5. Death While Trying InventionIn 1911, french tailor Franz Reichelt decided to test his own invention. He jumped out of the Eiffel Tower with his own dress-shaped parachute; Unfortunately, the parachute didn’t open.


6. Not Being Able to Die

Russian national Grigori Rasputin was poisoned by 10 people, did not die, then he was shot and wasn’t killed again, then he was attacked three more times with a gun, did not die, was over-beaten, wanted to drown, did not die. The last time he moved to a small town, he lived peacefully there for a while and died of his own life.


7. Death in BaseballIn a baseball game in 1920, an Indian player named Ray Chapman died on the field after a baseball hit his head.


8. Death in the Garbage HouseTwo siblings, Homer and Langley Collyer, were suffering from obsession (obsessive-compulsive) accumulation. They had a habit of bringing home whatever they found out there and storing it. They were found dead in their home in 1947 and 100 tons of garbage were recovered from their homes. Some rumors say they starved to death because they couldn’t leave the house.


9. Death on Live Tv

The first and only person to commit suicide on tv, live tv, is an announcer named Christine Chubbuck. Eight minutes after he started broadcasting, he became depressed and said: “In the 40th year of the channel, we reported the latest news of the police, the last bloody murders and colourful lives. Now you’re going to see another one. ” then shot him in the head with a pistol.


10. Death by RobotRobert Williams was the first to be killed by the robot. In 1979, Williams was working at ford motor, climbing material floors in the warehouse, and at that moment he died when a robot suddenly worked and hit him in the head.


11. Dying from CactusIn 1982, 27-year-old David Grundman was shooting a gun at desert plants for cactus commercials, but died when a piece of cactus hit him during a shot. Today he is still known as the only person killed by a plant.


12. Death with Bottle Cap

American playwright Tennesse Williams was found strangled with a hatch in a bit hotel room in 1983. When he was first found, he was found to be extremely drunk.


13.Death at the Lifeguard PartyIn 1985, the first drowning of the season occurred at the lifeguard party. Jerome Moody, 31, was found dead in the pool of the recreation department.


14. Death by LibraryMariesa Weber did not hear from her family for two weeks. When he came home, he found them dead in his bedroom, under the bookcase.


15. Killing Your Daughter and Then DyingBrothers Marco and Roberto De Solisa didn’t get along very well, they were always fighting. Unable to bear to see Roberto ridicule her frequently, Marco killed her by firing a single bullet into his brother’s head. This may sound like a normal murder; But what’s strange is that Marco and Roberto are conjoined twins and therefore use the same circulatory system. Five minutes after Roberto’s death, Marco died. So it wasn’t about murder, it was about suicide.


16. Playing Football with Mines and DyingIn Cambodia, two soldiers play football with an unexploded mine, and they both eventually die when the mine exploded. The most interesting thing is that these two soldiers are the best mine experts in the army.


17. Bite Your Tongue to DieIn 1884, Allan Pinkerton slipped while walking on the sidewalk and bit her tongue with the current imbalance. The devastation in his tongue eventually became infected and caused his death.


18. Keeping your Toilet and Dying

Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe attended a long-running banquet held in 1601. At the time, getting up in the middle of dinner was perceived as very rude behavior and he didn’t want to be rude. He had to pee excessively and hold it. Brahe, whose bladder was too full, died of an infection.

19. Dying from a Long BeardHans Steininger of Austria was famous for his six-foot beard. In 1567, a fire broke out in his town, and while he was running to help, he broke his beard and died.


20. Dying In Your Own Trap
A terrorist of Iraqi nationality named Khay Rahnajet sent a package of bombs to the assassination address by mail; however, after a while, the package was sent back to the terrorist’s address because the missing stamp was pasted. The terrorist who forgot the device he set up and opened the package is dead. You sensed some irrationality when you read it, didn’t you :))


21. Dying of Fear while StealingA man named Jake Fen, who wants to make a joke with his wife, makes it look like he hanged himself at home. His wife, who sees her husband in front of him like this, faints out of fear. The neighbor who sees the door open wonders and comes to look, and when he arrives, he thinks they’re both dead, and instead of calling for help, he goes to rob the house. Jake kicks the neighbor just as he leaves the house with the stuff he collects. Neighbor, thinking the body is revived, has a heart attack in fear and dies there.


22. Dying While CunningOn one of New York’s busy streets, a car gently hits a pedestrian, pedestrian falls to the ground; However, just as he’s about to get up, someone in the neighborhood tells him that if he doesn’t, he can get a lot of money from insurance. Hearing this, the pedestrian lies down again. Meanwhile, the driver thinks the pedestrian is up and drives the vehicle, crushing the unfortunate pedestrian to death.


23. Kill While MassagingThis event took place in Turkey. A barber starts massaging the shaved customer to relieve him a little. To ease his neck, he suddenly turns it around and breaks the man’s neck and kills him.

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