Whether you are an intern or a general manager; The process of preparing for a woman on her way to work in the early hours of the morning is a long and laborious way. We all hate sweltering Monday mornings, especially after a relaxed weekend.

Here are practical methods for facilitating these difficult moments in the areas where you work.



Where did She come from at the meeting at 8:00 a.m., and now She’s saying it’s work, and the other side of you is in a hurry to catch up. Here are some suggestions for getting a nice and striking look with a few elaborate touches for an important presentation that will take place.


GOAL: To create a dazzling, successful and powerful woman from a tired warrior who has not yet recovered from the end of the weekend.


BASIC FEATURES: Keep in mind that your make-up results in a much more effective effect on moist and healthy skin, either in or out of the environment you work in. “Under your bad and internally darkening office light, all the defects and damages on the skin are clearer. Therefore, you should start with a moisturizer to prepare a slippery floor for make-up.” You can also try to soothe your detention swelling swelled with an eye gel that you store in the refrigerator before makeup in the morning. Mint lip balm is one of the most recommended products by experts and stars. Because mint-like lip balm; It is a product that moisturizes the lips and gives a sweet chill, but also has the ability to prevent bad breath during close conversation. You also have to stand in front of the mirror in daylight and do the final checks before you leave the house. Because in the dark environment, mistakes do not reveal themselves and occur in the sunlight. A makeover like this looks sloppy and pretty ugly.


OLD ROPE OFFICES: For a dazzling and covety look as much as a three-dimensional Powerpoint presentation, you should opt for monochrome skin makeup. By combining a slightly coloured moisturizer and illuminating concealer, you can create a warmer tone look under strong white fluorescent lights. Blush in natural tones, lip pencil and mascara are essential to this makeup. You should definitely avoid false eyelashes, intense mascara application, ultra-glossy lips and glittery eye makeup in old-style work environments.


SPORTS OFFICE: Everyone wears jeans and a T-shirt. Your colleagues sometimes work on the floor, or weekly brainstorming meetings usually take place in the cafeteria. You are not dissatisfied with this situation, but sometimes you want to dress more well-groomed. Let’s see what the experts say about you. In the 21st century, many large companies now prefer to run characters with a very different and unique style. It’s one of the most important parts of makeup. In creative environments, you can choose more vibrant colors such as poppy, pomegranate and purple in cheek and lip makeup.


HOME OFFICE: Working between four walls that no one has ever seen or heard of does not mean that you have to have a messy look. Preparing as if you’re going to work in the morning (even if there’s a magazine on TV and morning shows on the other) makes you feel like a professional employee. A writer for freelance said, “I use false eyelashes once a month. It helps me feel like I’m going to a board meeting as soon as I get out of bed this morning. I also use colored lip balms to color and moisturize the lips. I’m doing my hair at home during the day and making a bun like Vilma Flintstone in the Stone Age. So when I open it before I go out in the evening, there are impressive waves of water.” It’s brilliant!


OPEN AIR MEETING: You should definitely not forget to apply a cream with SPF when starting a day outdoors. And you have to carefully choose the foundation you’re going to apply. Otherwise, your skin may look shelled in daylight. You can also complement your elegance with your remarkable look, which you can create using only mascara, while attending such meetings. No, if you’re going to say you can’t skip my lips, it’s got to be colorless moisturizers if you’re going to use a product.



You fell asleep and you’re only half an hour away from your meeting. No, don’t worry, you can do miracles in no time. Take five minutes to get dressed and 20 minutes on the road. When the first red light is on, bronze bhighs on your cheekbones, a rose-tone eyeshadow on your eyelids at the next red light, curly on your eyelashes while waiting to deviate to the left, open to your lips before getting out of the car you can complete your makeup by applying a polisher in shades.



Do you remember the character Tess as Melanie Griffith in Working Woman? It’s not a coincidence that tess’s character climbed the career ladder pretty quickly. Here are the secrets of having influencing hair…

Everyone has a right to have healthy and shiny hair, but there are some rules you have to pay attention to. Over-retouching and baling, dark hair bottoms in light hair colors, broken hair tips or dry hair strands make you have an artificial look. You should remember that slightly shaded hair will create a more natural look. During working hours you can choose softer and sleter hairstyles. Very extravagant and sloppy or sexy hairstyles can cause prejudice in the other person. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the fine line between spontades and elegance.



We usually like to associate the perfumes that we use with ourselves, but it’s not very welcome for your perfume to come in before you even get in at work. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing perfumes on your way to work. Estée Lauder’s second president, Trudi Loren; “Perfume is also known as one of the most influential reflections of a person’s personality. Therefore, it is quite difficult to direct when the subject is the choice of perfume. If you like perfumes with heavy oriental or woody spots, you should choose the ‘eau de toilette’ one on your way to work.” Says. However, perfume wearers with lighter notes should not exaggerate.

In middle school, girls squeeze six or seven times when they first start wearing perfume. Even the lightest perfumes create a heavy air when applied so much. So squeeze the perfume into the air first and then pass through the place where you squeeze it and let it crawl on you. Also, if you need to use perfume again during the day, you should avoid using it indoors if you do not want to leave everyone breathless at a time.



I think only crazy names like Katy Perry might have the courage to do an interesting themed manicure! Yes, it’s true that it looks different, but I have my doubts that it looks aesthetic.

Let’s go to the color of nail polish. In the old days, women didn’t use nail polish in assertive colors when they went to work, but once tried, they never gave up. Especially in the business environment, those who often have to meet with women began to realize that nail polish colors create a pleasant conversational atmosphere as time passed. As a result, everyone uses colored nail polish now. But when I saw a very stylishly dressed lady last year, I came across a situation that was disgusted. The lady in the striped dress used nail polish with the same stripes on her fingernails, which was quite disastrous!

When we look at the nail shapes, the experts said that long, squared nails create an amateur atmosphere. Therefore, if you like to use coloured nail polish, choosing short and round edgy nails in your work environment will create a much more elegant look. And the clue is that at the job interview, the human resources managers were looking at the person’s fingernails first!

Of course, not everyone has a pedestal to have beautiful nails. But the customers complained the most about the eaten nails. Of course, eaten nails and devil’s nails don’t look pretty at all. However, some women may not be lucky enough to have well-groomed and healthy nails even if they don’t have nail-biting problems. Women who usually have unattended nails prefer to keep their hands in crowded environments. Remember, however, there is no hope until you die. With regular care, it is possible to bring even the worst nails to a healthy appearance.

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