In this article, we will give you fashion suggestions that will be very useful to you. If you listen to these suggestions, we are sure that you will be one step ahead of the other ladies in every outfit you wear and accessories that you wear, the most stylish, charismatic and the most trendy.



1. Don’t Say “I Never Wear”
Do not use the word “never” for any clothing or piece. One day, that thing you say “I’ll never wear” is on you. So don’t say things like, “I never wear orange,” “I never wear capri pants,” “I never wear metallic nail polish.” You can wear something you hate today. When you look at your old pictures, the only reason you hate yourself is because of the variability of fashion!


2. Forget Your Size
Lloyd Boston, author of “Before You Wear It,” advises women to forget their size and is right! You have to shop for the one who wakes up, not the body. Your body may be 36, but the 36 size mold jacket in that store may not suit you. The patterns and segments of brands are different from each other. If you shop only by staying fixed to the body, you will have to walk around in clothes that don’t fit you and look bad.

3. Be Brave, Try
The most important rule of being stylish is to be brave and not be afraid to try. Feel free to combine and wear the pieces you like to suit your taste and mood. The combined exercises you will do on this subject will eventually fit you with the details of your personality. It may take time to make successful combinations, but you must try and try again in order to move forward with this.


4. Don’t Pity The Money You Give to Bags and Shoes
“I’m not rich enough to buy cheap goods”, it’s impossible not to agree with this famous British proverb. Because the cheaper you get when you buy shoes and bags, the simpler you look. Not to mention the financial damage ıt’s done to your pocket. You can only wear a shoe that you buy cheaply for three months, while the better quality one is a year or two or even more. So instead of buying cheaply and costing money every three months, use your choice for better quality ones once, get the job done!


5. Don’t Forget the Rule of Balance
If you’ve made a simple choice in your clothes, you can exaggerate on your accessories or shoes. If you have used flashy pieces in your clothing, turn to simplicity both in accessory and shoe-bag selection. The same rule applies to makeup. If your eye makeup is assertive, skip your lips or if the vibrant colors of lip makeup are in the foreground, just settle for one mascara in your eyes. Exaggerating at the same time only tires the eye…


6. Take Time to Exercise
If you want to look fit in your clothes, you should make time for exercise. Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. If you can’t do anything, walk a lot. But the best thing is to set up a regular sports program and stay as faithful to it as possible. Especially as you continue to do sports that shape your body, such as pilates and fitness, you will see that what you wear suits you much more and you will enjoy making more bold free choices.


7. Make a Difference
Don’t try to be like everyone else or imitate others. It’s natural to be inspired by celebrities or fashion icons, but in doing so, you should know how to combine it with your own style. Otherwise, what you wear may look like a relic on you. Think of what I can do differently than the others. Choices that suit your style, age and personality will make you. However, do not walk away from yourself and people just to be different. Don’t forget, i’m The goal is to be different, not to be funny…


8. Edit Your Wardrobe
The easiest way to dress well every day and at any time is to have a cleverly arranged wardrobe. So you can capture elegance every day without having to worry about “what to wear” and without plundering the clothes in your wardrobe. Combine and hang the clothes in your wardrobe with their clothes up and down. Remove clothes that you don’t wear, are outdated or don’t feel good in them and give them to those who need them. Arrange the rest as a store. Also place your shoes and accessories in the spotlight so you can choose.


9. Cheat
There are some clothing tricks that change your appearance as if it were an illusion. Know them and apply them. For example, if you’re in The shoes with the laces on the wrist make your leg look both thick and short because they cut off the leg. Instead, if you wear slim, high heels in tones close to your skin, your leg will look both taller and thinner. Another way to make your leg height look long is to wear high-waisted skirts and trousers. Especially if you wear high-waisted and Spanish trousers, even you wouldn’t believe yourself in the mirror!


10. Have Radiant Skin
Being beautiful and stylish is one thing and you shouldn’t spoil it. As well as the sparkle of your skin, hair and eyes, it’s part of this elegance. That’s why you should learn to take good care of your skin. You can give your skin the necessary moisture with skin creams that are suitable for your age. There are now also care products that can solve many problems in your skin at the same time. You should take advantage of products that are suitable for your skin type and age and bring out the natural glow of your skin.


11. Feel good in it
Don’t buy any clothes in which you don’t feel good and perfect. This is even a world-brand product. Because when you feel uncomfortable, you reflect that feeling out. And this is the fact that we’re not going it kills your style and elegance. For this, stay away from clothes that don’t like texture, cut you up, don’t make you comfortable, and whose cleavage is not out of your mind. If you can’t decide, close your eyes for a moment after you put it on and see how you feel. If the result is great, you can get it.


12. Don’t Miss “Joker” Tracks
There are some pieces that are perfect, whichever clothes you wear, what you combine with them. If you place these wild cards in your wardrobe, you won’t have any trouble getting dressed. Black, heels, a stiletto with matte and straight lines are one of them. You can wear it under all your clothes, skirts, trousers. Or a well-cut blazer or tuxedo jacket. You can be sporty chic by wearing jeans over your pants, you can go out at night wearing on your dress…


13. Classics Never Go Out of Fashion
A quality trench coat, white shirts, small black dress, pencil skirts, cotton cardigan, V-neck knitwear sweater, Jean pants… It is possible to extend this list further. All these are timeless and stylish pieces that never go out of style. When buying these parts, you should choose the quality ones and the long-lasting ones. You can wear it with the same pleasure and excitement for many years. Especially if you manage to combine them with the fashionable parts of the day, then it won’t taste good!


14 . Make a List
Make a habit of making a list to identify the clothes and accessories you need. Otherwise, when you go shopping, you’re likely to take a lot of things you don’t need and go home. To avoid all these unnecessary expenses; open your wardrobe and objectively determine what you need. Get your list of needs with you and start your shopping just by focusing on them…


15. Don’t Be a Victim of Fashion
Follow fashion, stay away from fashion and trends, but don’t wear anything just because it’s fashionable. Of course you can choose from the ones that suit your style and body, but if your body is not available for it, don’t wear tights or skinny pants just because it’s fashionable, or if you’re reflecting a classic style, don’t wear colorful nail polish just because it’s fashionable. Influence fashion, be inspired, combine with pleasure, but don’t be a victim of fashion!


16. Decide For Yourself What You Look Like
Be sure to take into account the criticisms and advice from people who have proven themselves in fashion, but don’t let everyone around you try to criticize your style and change you. After all, you need to feel good about what you’re wearing and feel your own. If you like it, if you’re happy and you’ve built up your style, don’t mind. Always have the last word!


17. Don’t Ignore Office Elegance
When you go somewhere during the day, have fun with friends, or pay attention to what you wear and how you look when you go to a special event, you should pay the same attention to what you wear on your way to work. By making choices that suit your workplace and work style, you can both reflect your style and stand out with your appearance. Don’t forget, you’re not going to well-dressed people rely much more on themselves and reflect their self-esteem on what they do.


18. Be Attentive
The indispensable rule of elegance is to be clean and attentive. A man whose shoes are dirty and unpainted, his shirt unironed, his clothes stained or his dress’s lining drooping can never be elegant. Therefore, you should pay attention to small details like these. Before you leave the house, make sure to stand in front of a height mirror and look carefully at yourself. Check what you look like from the front, the back, and the side. If everything seems to be okay, you can go out now.


19. Think Twice While Spending Money
If you’ve never worn a blouse because it’s only cheap, the money you gave it has been in vain. Instead, it makes more sense to pay a lot of money for something you really like and wear all the time. Think carefully when you spend money and then decide. Since it is cheap, you can buy a quality jewelry you need instead of an unnecessary shoe you will buy. That way, your money will never be wasted!


20. Recognize Colors
The colors that suit everyone’s skin and hair color are not the same. If you have white skin and dark hair; Matte and cold colors such as black, white, red and gray will suit you better. Or if you’re brown, colors like pink, coffee, rosebuds and powder will complement you. If you have red or copper reflective hair and bronze skin, choose your choices; you can use green, khaki, burgundy, etc. You can easily find the colors that look good on your skin and hair after a few attempts in front of the mirror.


21. Get Stylish
“Fashion is temporary, style is immortal.” Yves is Saint Laurent’s most familiar quote, and each new season justifies it once again. Because fashion is constantly changing and renewing. If you move away from your style while trying to keep up with fashion and trends, you’re doing yourself the worst. Instead, you should be able to use the clothes and fashion pieces that reflect your style together and create your style accordingly. Remember, only people with style manage to be stylish…


22. Elegance is A Secret in Details
Include small details on your clothes. Details are always remarkable and eye-catching. The small window on the back of your shirt, the metal heels of your shoes, the gold chains in your bag, the zipper on the front of your skirt or the small staples on your belt. These are small but effective clothing tactics. They draw attention to themselves and don’t come out of the mind easily. They also help you create your style…


23. Don’t Give Up Jewelry and Accessories
A patterned shawl, a long chain necklace or shaped rings… All these are the final touches to complement your style and clothes. When choosing accessories, don’t ignore your personality and style. You can choose jewelry and accessories that reflect your character. Remember, even a very simple dress can be made glamorous with accessories.


24. Forget Harmony
Don’t try to fit your shoes in your bag, it’s a long time old. You can use shoes and bags of different colors together, the important thing is to match their style. Or you can get an assertive look by choosing your skirt and blouse in different colors. You can complete your saks blue skirt with a fuchsia-toned chiff, and animate your red dress with your emerald-green earrings. Remember, there’s a harmony of incompatibility now!


25. Try On You
That dress that looks great on the model in the window could look awful to you. So before you’re fooled by what you see in the window displays and dream, make sure you try it. Everyone’s body structure and shape are unique, so don’t make a decision without trying. A dress that suits one of two people with the same body may not look good in the other. Don’t take any chances, try!


26. Get to Know Your Body
Examine your body with a realistic eye in front of the mirror. Identify your problem areas, redundancies, or places you find beautiful. Learn to dress according to your body type and characteristics. So while you hide your excesses, you bring your beautiful places to the forefront. For example, if you have a slim waist but a wide base, you can choose high-waisted and wide trousers. This way, you’ll cover your large bases while highlighting your thin waist.


27. Follow What’s New
Don’t stay away from trends. If you want to be informed of what’s new; Follow fashion magazines, websites and blogs. There are now dozens of sources that give new news on this issue every day. Check out season fashion shows and collections of famous designers. There’s bound to be something you’re going to be inspired by. You don’t want to be described as obsolete, do you?

28. Eat Healthy to Be Fit
If you want your hair, skin, teeth and nails to shine and be strong, you have to eat healthy. This is also necessary to make you feel better and fit. Be careful to drink enough water and eat fruits and vegetables during the day. Take advantage of energizing nuts and green tea to meet your antioxidant needs.

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